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a. Full: The following are eligible to be considered for full Membership:

i. Commissioned Officers of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and their Reserves

ii. Officers of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

iii. Senior British Merchant Navy Officers (Master FG, Chief Engineers FG)

iv. Commissioned (or equivalent) Officers of Commonwealth Navies

v. Officers of the Sea Cadet Corps holding a Cadet Forces Commission

b. Associate:
i. Commissioned Officers of the British Army, the RAF and their Reserves

ii. Civilians accomplished in a field of experience which relates to maritime, defence or associated business affairs. They should be of an equivalent status or standing to the Officers described in paragraph “a” above (for example: a member of one of the professions, a company director or senior manager or a senior civil servant. Such persons must subscribe to the objectives of the Association.

How to apply for Membership of the CNOA

Those eligible for Membership and wishing to join should contact the CNOA Hon. Secretary for
an Application Form on